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Thursday, 11 August 2005

Our Anniversary

Today is our ninth anniversary. Sadly, we are not together on the day (although Dana will be back tonight) but there you go.

The last nine years have been wonderful, not so great and sometimes, plain awful - but here we are, another 365 days down the line, still together. I know that Dana sometimes wonders whether she made the right choice marrying me and I suppose, the thought has crossed my mind, but isn't that what happens in most marriages? Or is it just us?

For me and I would suspect Dana, the greatest result of our union (both physical and metaphorical) has been the gift of four incredible daughters. Whenever I feel a little despondent, I think about how the two of us (and G-d!) were responsible for creating these amazing little girls. Had two other people got together, they wouldn't have existed and the world would very much be a poorer place for it.

Next year will be the first big one - the tenth. Hopefully, things will be a little brighter (i.e. I will have been working for a year) and so we will be able to celebrate in style.

Happy Anniversary Dana.
I'm the luckiest guy in the world.


athena said...

Just think about how really wonderful it is when you see a couple in their 70's or 80's and you hear the stories of the wars that they lived through and the tough times, and the good times. The children that they raised, and maybe even the ones that they might have lost.

If you are lucky you might get to hear the stories about when they separated for a while, or when one of them cheated or lied, and they forgave each other and it all happened 50 years ago and is a distant memory today!

The beautiful part is when you look at them NOW, and it is wonderful and romantic and you know that they are each other's very best friend, no matter what.

The BAD part is...if you ever want to have that kind of a have to have tragedies off and on for 50 years! So that you know that the metal has been tested!

Nine years in this day and age is terrific! Congratulations! Best wishes to you and Mrs. Teacher's Scribbles!

As always... Rachael said...

I thikn that the people who don't question their choice in mates (EVER), probaly don't think much at all. It's not like marriage is easy all the time!

Happy Day to you both!

The Teacher said...

Thank you both for your very kind words (on behalf of both of us).