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Friday, 26 August 2005

The International Teacher

As a matter of personal interest, like many other bloggers, I like to track the hits I get on this site. The program I use is called Statcounter and before you start worrying, it doesn't give me any personal information about who visits (unless their IP address is traceable and then I only know the domain name!).

I enjoy writing the posts because it is a way of expressing myself. It's nice to know that people are reading your thoughts, although I don't write, so as to be read. If you know what I mean.

Saying that, if people are reading my blogs, it's interesting to know where my thoughts are being read. With this in mind, I please look at the following screenshot of countries in which my posts were read yesterday:

I find it staggering (and fantastically ego boosting) to see that I’m being read around the world – from Australia to Canada. I also feel quite vulnerable that all these strangers in countries I’ve never visited, know exactly what’s going on in my mind!

On second thoughts, maybe looking at the list wasn’t such a good idea after all...

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As always... Rachael said...

That's so cool - I love a ego boosts too - who doesn't to some degree. What bugs me though is what keywords are sometimes used to find my site. I'll bet I've disappointed a lot of pervs!