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Tuesday, 2 August 2005

The Great Escape

Shira is currently the cutest thing on two legs in the neighberhood. Hell - in the whole world!

She will be Please G-d celebrating her second birthday on the 31st of this month. Until then, she is going to see whether she can up the stakes in terms of the gargantuan mischief she wishes to cause.

Let me describe one example of her antics, as related by my mother-in-law last week. Shira very quietly made her way up to the bedroom, rummaged around the drawers until she found a red lipstick and proceeded to paint the room red. Literally.

We are talking about a beautiful white suite. Not any more. She applied lipstick to the beds, mirrors, walls etc. My mother-in-law described the state of the bedroom as reminiscent of the scene in The Godfather when the movie producer woke up to find a horse's head at the end of his bed. You get the idea.

Shira will walk into a room and scan the environment for possibilities. We went to a B-B-Q the other day at a friend's house and she walked off, on the quiet to have some "fun".

I found her gamely playing with a box of matches.

This morning, she decided to try the ultimate - an escape from our house.
This is the what I found when I walked into the hallway:

You are seeing a small table that Shira moved from the other side of the living room, which is a quite distance away. She was evidently trying to get to the latch. Fortunately, since she's way too short to reach up, she evidently gave up after a number of tries and went elsewhere, to avoid capture.

I really don't know what her next move is, but I do know that we have to be prepared for anything. And I do mean anything...

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