All that you have is your soul (Tracy Chapman).

Monday, 8 August 2005

The Shivah House

An old school friend of mine lost his father on Shabbat and the funeral was yesterday. As is the custom, he is sitting shiva in his parents' house. This means that, for a week, he observes a public mourning, whereby he sits on a low chair and people come to visit him and his mother, to pay their condolences and comfort him.

I went this evening and I'm glad to say that he appeared to be in good spirits. His father had been very ill and his passing was expected. It's not the case every time.

I always leave a shiva (which literally means seven, because that's the number of days he sits) feeling extraordinarily appreciative that I am still blessed with two healthy parents. Thank G-d, I am of an age where most of my friends still have their parents but slowly, as we are getting older, the inevitable is taking place.

I just want to continue thanking G-d for allowing me to enjoy the presence of my parents, in good health and may this be the case for many, many, many years. May they both live to 120 and beyond.



As always... Rachael said...

I pray for many more years with my pareents... especially since I didn't start appreciating them until I was well into my 20s. Suffice to say my priorities were skewed for a good long time.

Now I've realized how good I have it, how good I've ALWAYS had it, I want the chance to fully reciprocate the love... especially considering what I forced my parents to endure. Afterall, their only crime was loving me.

Well, okay, there were lots of other crimes... but they did love me. I was the first born... and an only child for seven years. Kids dont come with a manual, adn putting your philosophies into practice isn';t always as easy as it sounds... I have kids of my own now, so I now realize what a learning curve they had to navigate... and having a kid like me didn't exactly pave an easy path for them, as young, brand-new parents.

Considering all we've been through together... I am proud of my parents. I know they're proud of me. Put my soul in the hands of any other couple... and things could have been so much worse.

After years of contemplation is is clear... I was THEIR soul to raise. I was a soul who could endure their mistakes... and they were the only parents to endure mine. I'm just glad we all lived through it, so that I was granted the chance to tell them that. And now I tell them what they mean to me every time we speak. Not a single conversation ends wihtut an "I love you." I feel so fortunate... it makes me wonder if I even deserve such fortune.

The Teacher said...

I'm so gald that I've been able to repay my parents for all the grief I caused them - by giving them four wonderful granddaughters!

Kiki said...

I am so sorry for your friend's loss. I get scared each time you post soemthing like this, becuase you never say who, and I wonder if people are just not telling me things to spare my feelings.......