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Sunday, 21 August 2005

My First Girlfriend

A number of you have been filling in the polls that I've placed in the left hand column. I see these as a bit of fun and also an interesting way of gauging the views of my erstwhile visitors.

You might notice that I vary them from time to time ensuring that since they are randomly set up, you should be able to get a choice of which ones to fill in.

One poll that I've had up for a while asks if you would want to meet your first boy/girlfriend again. For some reason, this seems to have been the most popular poll, with 67% of you answering positively! In light of the question and with reference to my friend Rachael, I too shall take you for a short trip down memory lane.

I remember that my first relationship a) didn't last too long and b) was 100% platonic. When I say platonic, I really do mean it. We didn't even kiss, which begs the question as to whether she was my first girlfriend! But, let's assume for argument sake (and I love a good argument)that she was my first girlfriend - as she was the very first young lady I took out to the cinema (where else?) on a date.

I recall that we went to see Trading Places and spent the time laughing our heads off (hey, it's a very funny film when you're a teenager) I took her home (well, I think my parents gave her a lift home... how embarrassing is that?) and we went out again, although I can't remember where.

I think our "relationship" lasted about a month until we went to summer camp together and it soured. Towards the end of the camp, at one point,I said something that upset her and as a result she slapped me in the face in front of her friends, which sort of ended it for me. Amazingly, I still remember her face and name (but only cos she slapped me and that hasn't happened too often I'm happy to say).

So that's my rather boring tale.

Would I want to see her again? Yeah, why not? We were quite young, she laughed at the right places in a movie and she slapped me. Isn't that what the best first relationships are all about?


BarbaraFromCalifornia said...

Being in the alter kaker category now, I cannot truly remember my first boyfriend. I remember crushes.

Larrythelamb said...

So, spill already...... what was her name?

The Teacher said...

uh uh. No way!