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Thursday, 25 August 2005

Eponymously Anonymous

I've noticed that a few of you (bloggers) have opted to ban anonymous comments from your blogs. I haven't had any yet, but the option to post thus, is available.

Question. Should I restrict such comments? In doing so, would I be removing the option for people to post exactly what they feel and in doing so, invoking some sort of censorship? I suppose I would only need to do this if people start abusing the anonymous option. Right?

Opinions requested please (anonymous or not.)


As always... Rachael said...

I think most people are doing that to avoid spam... spamming is hitting the comment circuit pretty heavy duty. I allow anonymous comments, because some non-blogging relatives of mine read...

I prefer to install some sort of word verification system that makes sure the anonymous commnets are from real people... not mass commneting spammers trying to sell my readers coin collection, russians women, or debt consolidation services! I find it insulting! No one who's ever commented on my blog is that damned dumb!

fsgsf said...

I dont think banning anonymous commenters infringes on free speech, as they can simply go and register a user name for free, and then post whatever is on their minds!

I had a post about this a while back, and i took a poll, and almost 100% of my readers urged me to ban anonymous comments, which i did.


NJ from NJ

Anonymous said...