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Sunday, 28 August 2005

Movie Review: The Adventures Of Shark Boy And Lava Girl In 3D

I have to say that I approached this film with a certain level of trepidation. My experience of 3D movies has not been too positive and I remember the last time the genre hit the big screen with very mixed emotions.

In 1983, I went to see "Spacehunter: Adventures In The Forbidden Zone", a 3D space "extravaganza". The director fell into the trap of many of 3D film maker and concentrated on scaring the wits out of the audience by throwing everything he could (in 3D) at the audience - explosions, debris, meteorites - you name it - at the expense of penning any sort of comprehensible script. I remember emerging from the cinema with a gargantuan headache, still not knowing what the story had been about.

Making films in 3D is therefore a tricky business and definitely not one to approach lightly. I'm therefore delighted to report that Robert Rodriguez has made a thoroughly enjoyable entry into the genre, that for once doesn't compromise a good storyline with overbearing special effects. In other words, the 3D CGI's compliment rather than take over the movie - which is the way it should be.

The storyline is both imaginative and clever. I would also add that I don't will be the only person to see a homage to The Wizard Of Oz (in the script) and if you're going to reference a movie, the "Oz" isn't a bad one to use!

The kids act well and the story is absorbing, to the extent that Tali, who is six, says it is the best movie she's ever seen and if that's not a compliment to the film-maker, I don't know what is.

Go see, wear the glasses and have a blast.

Highly recommended for the whole family.

My Rating

4 ½ (out of 5)

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