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Wednesday, 24 August 2005

Book Of The Month

I have been asked to post this on my blog.


"Oct 4, 2003 - Assaf Staier, 11, of Haifa was one of 21 people killed in a suicide bombing carried out by a female terrorist from Jenin in the Maxim restaurant in Haifa. The Islamic Jihad claimed responsibility for the attack.

The blast devastated the restaurant, of joint Jewish-Arab ownership, on Hahagana Boulevard near the southern entrance of the coastal city. It was packed mostly with regular Saturday customers. The bomber, Hanadi Jaradat, a 29-year-old lawyer from Jenin, managed to get past Maxim's security guard before blowing herself up in the middle of the restaurant. The security guard, an Israeli Arab, was killed in the attack, along with three other Israeli Arab employees of the restaurant. The victims included five members of the Almog family from Haifa and five members of the Zer-Aviv family from Kibbutz Yagur. Four children were killed and 60 people were wounded in the bombing.

Three generations of the Almog family had gone to the beach and then went to Maxim for lunch. Assaf Staier was killed along with his grandparents, Ze'ev and Ruth Almog, his uncle Moshe Almog, and his cousin Tomer. Assaf's mother Galit was also wounded in the blast, along with his aunt Orly and two of his cousins.

Assaf Staier was buried in Haifa alongside his grandparents, uncle and cousin. He is survived by his parents, Ofer and Galit, and his brother Omri, 14.

Book Of The Month

The Palestinian Ministry of Culture released its “Book of the Month” today, a
poetry collection honouring suicide bomber Hanadi Jaradat, who murdered 29
Israelis. It was distributed as a special supplement in the daily Al-Ayyam.

Entitled “What Did Hanadi Say?” the collection includes a poem glorifying
Jaradat’s act of suicide terror, calling it “the highest goal”:

“O Hanadi! Shake the earth under the feet of the enemies! Blow it up! Hanadi
said: ‘It is the wedding of Hanadi the day when death as a Martyr for Allah,
becomes the highest goal.’ The poem is dedicated to Jaradat (pictured), called “the Rose of Palestine,” who murdered 29 Jews and Arabs in a suicide bombing in a Haifa restaurant in October 2003.

The poem criticizes the Arab nation for ignoring Jihad:

“Where is the [Arab] nation..? The armies hid, nothing left in the field ... not
the sound of Jihad, all of them, at the moment of decision, surrender, obey the
She complains:
“O Hanadi..! The flag of the nation is not flying in the fields of Jihad.”
The poem ends as Hanadi takes the initiative:
“O Hanadi! Shake the earth under the feet of the enemies! Blow it up! It is the
wedding of Hanadi the day when death as a Martyr for Allah, becomes the highest
goal, that liberates my land.”
[Source: Palestine Media Watch, from Al Ayam, August 22, 2005]"

It would help if you could copy and paste the above text into your own blog to raise awareness of this despicable "book choice" by a department within the Palestinian Authority - the people with whom Israel is expected to negotiate.


Anonymous said...

Hi Teacher,

Thanks so very much for this post!

It clearly shows us the reality of today's world and the sheer distortion of it modern news sources like television bring about.

A total shame, but luckily for me there is such a thing as RSS and Blogs like yours.

And to respond to a later post I prefer to post this comment anonymous as "just"


(keep the anonymous option as long as you reasonably can, I would say)

Anonymous said...

Oh Just! It was a great comment until you revealed who you were!!!

(and I wonder who wrote this comment?)

As always... Rachael said...

I want to... but I would hate to draw any extra attention to such a tribe. Charles Manson achieved many new followers and pen pals once Helter Skelter was released... and damn him for spilling blood in the Beatles' name! Not idolizing over G-D, mind you... but they're a pretty damned good band!

I inclined to ignore it rather than make it even more public. If you want to refute my logic, email me and I will strongly consider posting this text.

The Teacher said...

Rachael, the Beatles were and ARE the greatest. No competition!

Anonymous said...

700,000 Palestinian refugees were forced to leave their homeland immediately before, and after the war, the lucky moving to different Arab countries the rest to internal camps. This only has bred more conflict resulting in 2 wars. Multiple actions and intifadas (holy wars). Peace in Israel,is long looked for, and is hard to find