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Monday, 15 August 2005

Post Gaza

So far so good. I know this is only the beginning of the disengegement process, but the settlers seems intent on demonstrating peaceful resistence and this fills me with a great deal of pride. They have a right to resist, but when push comes to shove, they are saying that they will not fight with the police.

When every single Jew has left Gaza, the Palestinians will once again be in control. I put hand on heart when I state that I honestly don't care if they rot in their own shit. The Jews will no longer be (unfairly) held responsible and as far as I'm concerned, the Gazans can literally go to hell, which is what I bet Gaza will come to resemble.

Israel must not have anything to do with the area - apart from protecting herself against the inevitable terrorist attacks. If the Palestinians need milk or bread, let them sort it by themselves. If they need vegetables, let them start growing. For all I care, they can all starve to death - they wanted Gaza and now they've got it.

It won't be long before the Palestinians start ruing their decision to cut off the hand that fed them. Of course, they'll never admit it, but I guarantee you, we Jews will have the last laugh...

...because we always do.

Goodbye Gaza. Go sink in your own putridity.


As always... Rachael said...

I heard about "eviction notices" being distributed very early this morning. The news broadvast assumed I knew what the hell was going on, and gave very little background information. So I have to ask for your help once again.

I heard "eviction", "abandoned observation tower that was overtaken and has been playing jewish folk songs for 48 hours" and "Gaza".

By the way, I would've immediately flipped channels to something funny or musical if our paths hadn't crossed... So pat yurself on the back for raising awareness in at least 1 person.

Like I said though, the news blurb I saw was brief... it didn't provide any history.... and from there they moved to a stock market story. I never did get any information on why this is so important. Your blog provides clues, but it also assumes I know more than I do.

I know I've taken up a lot of your time... and I really appreciate it. I'm starting to really kick myself in the ass for not being more aware of worldly issues. But I still feel very ignorant.

Wishing palestine to starve to death and sink in its own putridity... clearly your passionate... but I feel like I'm missing somethign about the significance of Gaza itself.

As always, I issue my "pardon my ignorance" disclaimer. Why has Gaza, geographically, been a such hot button?

The Teacher said...


Firstly and most importantly...stop with the apologising!!!!

The issue of Gaza is so complex that I could never do it justice by explaining it here.

May I suggest you look at a few of these websites for a much better explanation than I could ever give:

A comprehensive history and explanation of the Arab Israel conflict:

A examination of the human cost of disengagement

Arguments for and against the disengagement

These should keep you occupied for an hour or ever, all questions welcome!

The Teacher said...

Please view my wishing anyone to death as being a moment of intense emotion....I of course don't want anyone to starve (unless they have bloodshed on their hands and so they deserve it!)

But I appreciate you picking me up about it.