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Tuesday, 30 August 2005

Message From The UK

My heart goes out to anyone who has experienced the horror of Katrina. If you are reading this and have been affected, please know that my thoughts are totally with you and your families.

Today, we are all Louisianans and Mississippians and may the Good Lord protect you all from any more harm.


BarbaraFromCalifornia said...


All good thoughts and prayers to those who were caught inside the eye of the storm.

Larrythelamb said...

and the UK comes to a halt with a few tree leaves on the line or a dusting of snow.

In 1987, during OUR hurricane, I actually went out in the car at 4.00am to find a garage selling radio batteries as we had no power and I wanted to know how widespread the situation was.

I actually dodged 2 trees falling in front of me on the A41, around the corner from where I live, at which point, I did a u turn ON MY SIDE OF THE DUAL CARRIAGEWAY, drove back towards oncoming vehicles and went straight back home to bed.

I never realised the actual danger of what was out there, but, bloody hell, New Orleans and surrounds had it 200 times worse than here.

What really pisses me off is the looters who steal from their own community at times of adversity.

Shoot to kill policy should be initiated to looters, i mean shoot to kill, no kneecap shots, but to the HEAD.

If there is a problem in the UK, looting seems to be in the order of events to take place after a disturbance and it wouldnt suprise me if a disturbance takes place outside certain shops when "they" want the item in the window.

shoot to kill, i say......... but im not police chief, YET......

As an alternitive, I would be prepared to paint part of their face and hands with a RED indelible dye so when they walk through their community, or any community, they can be seen for what they really are..... SCUM

The dye is to last at least 13 months on the skin and then leave a permanent staining, for LIFE, to show they were once a looter.

(can you tell, i dont like looters)

As if the wind, storms etc are not enough, the looters have to enter the scenario to further affect the lives of the needy.

have a nice day (unless you are a looter)

Larrythelamb said...


Now im really angry.......

Please add to the above that I wish every looter, before being shot in the head, a mass attack of severe dysantry, followed by a plague of seriously large boils, followed by a debilitating upper body limb failure, THEN a shot to the head.

How DARE they LOOT whilst 1,000`s die around them.....many of those 1,000`s are their direct relatives... they are meant to be in a civilised part of the world.

For g-ds sake, where are they going to plug a water damaged TV into, where there is NO bloody electricity?

Why smash up pharmacies and shops where they will need to go shopping again as soon as they can........

They will be the first to complain when the shops cannot re-open, wnating their "civil liberties and what nots provided"

I REALLY, REALLY am angry and would love to go there and be that man with the gun to their heads..... I would ask, excuse me, WHY?, then shoot the scum before they gave me some crass response.

I kust read, a brother shot his sister dead because the sister was given a bag of rice and the brother wanted it ALL, whilst she wanted to share it with him....

What the F.............

Have a nice day, unless you are a scummy looter.


Larrythelamb said...

Dont say I told you so, but,


....... 5 shot dead

about bloody time too.

who the hell do these scumbags think they are?

mob rule?