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Saturday, 8 September 2007

A Breed Apart

I'll start with that rarest of things (at least for me), namely an apology.

A number of people who read this blog have approached me and asked me how the new job is panning out. I know I should have followed the original posts with updates, but honestly, I came back so tired from work, that I didn't have the will to compose any reports.

In short, I am really happy in my new school. The students line up outside the door to my classroom (yes, my classroom) quietly instead of rushing in like a pack of deranged beasts and then, to my utter delight, stand, yes STAND(!!) behind their chairs and wait until I tell them to be seated.

These students are actually listening to my instructions. When I tell them to switch their monitors off, they do what I ask. I don't find myself having to wait for fifteen minutes until they can be bothered to be quiet, they do something that I've been longing to experience for two years - they show an interest, in fact, a very keen interest, in wanting to learn.

I don't think I can adequately describe how all these factors are affecting the way I feel about my teaching. I go to lessons excited about delivering the material, keen to do what I do best, namely instruct.

Yes, I still get back-chat, because that is par for the course in any school, but at last, I believe that I can make a difference because the students have a thirst for knowledge - something that I found lacking in many of the classes I used to teach in my previous school. There are and were always students who wanted to learn, but amongst the din of the others, they seemed to be sidelined. This is no longer the case.

My new school has restored my love of, and passion for, teaching. So I guess, this is as best a compliment as I can possibly give to my new place of work.


Ali said...

I wont say i told you so but .............

Glad you are happy and long may it continue


The Scribbler said...

Its ok, you can say it...and you did