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Sunday, 7 August 2005

The Book of Cook

Those of you who are regulars to this site will notice a pattern in my likes/dislikes of politicians. It's simple. If they are friends of Israel and show themselves to be thus, I have patience for them. If they are pro-Palestinian and therefore anti-Israel, I treat them with the contempt I feel they deserve. If they are neither (i.e. they don't express a view, then I don't hold a strong opinion about them).

Robin Cook, ex-foreign secretary was one of the latter - i.e. pro-Arab. In saying that, I don't think he was as antagonistic as Livingstone (that would be quite difficult) but he was certainly no friend. I don't however hold him in as much contempt as I do the others. Mainly because he appeared to me like a bit of wannabee rottweiller. His bark was worse than his bite. He was simply a repugnant little man whom I cared not a lot about.

He resigned over the Iraq war, which was one of the best things I reckon he did. With him out of the way, Blair could get on with the job. Of course, in his resignation speech, he had to have a little dig at Israel, which didn't exactly impress me.

Anyway, he's dead now and we've lost one less critic. RIP Rob.

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