All that you have is your soul (Tracy Chapman).

Monday, 15 August 2005


The girls, my parents and I decided to take advantage of the lovely weather and so we spent the day at the seaside. Dana was meeting with her brother in town and therefore there was no rush to get home. Unfortunately, due to (ahem!) our getting lost, it didn't seem as though we were in too much of a rush to get to the seaside either...

When we got there, we sat in a quiet beach and the kids went about doing the usual kinds of things that kids do when they see a lot of sand (the tide being miles out). Shira was an absolute scream. The girls went about looking for crabs to resuscitate as they all looked half-dead (the crabs, not the girls) whilst Shira, trousers and all, jumped in and out of shallow pools. By the time we got all four of them off the beach and back into the car, they were all trouserless (and the washing machine will no doubt be chugging away tonight).


As always... Rachael said...

Sounds like a beautiful day of down-time! I will check out the links you recommended. No more apologies I promise... so if I inadvertently offend with my ignorance, I guess you'll just have to deal with it!

The Teacher said...

That's the spirit!