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Wednesday, 1 June 2005

The Underachiever

Another month and yet another assignment. I know I've been here before, but I definitely think that fatigue is setting in.

The subject today: "Discuss the reasons why pupils may underachieve in ICT within the secondary schools environment. With reference to your reading and your school experience, outline how these issues can be monitored and addressed in ICT".

3000 words.

Are you still awake?

Getting this essay together is the human equivalent of treading through 1000 miles of treacle. I've got some of the reasons down, but there are lots more to go and I fear I am losing the will to live. I had planned to have it done and dusted by dusk today, but after two hours (plus) of writing a literature review, I felt some suicidal tendencies emanating in the base of my cranium, so I thought it best to set it aside for a while.

Chatting with some fellow students (I told you I am coming to worship MSN Messenger in a dangerously cultish manner), I was reassured to find out that I'm the only one of the four who's actually started to write something down. Considering that hand-in date is Monday, I don't think I'm doing too badly.

I have sensibly decided to put the metaphorical pen down (read "keyboard") and concentrate on some mindless entertainment (aka surfing the internet, chatting with non-students on MSN and basically finding anything to pass the time except for writing the damn paper.) However, I do intend to get this pinned down by midday tomorrow, although I wouldn't put money on that happening.

In the past, writing about how I'm not getting anywhere has spurred me on to do it, but this time, it's gone 8 pm and I really can't be bothered for now. Knowing the way I work, I'll look at it tomorrow, with fresh(ish) eyes and get on a roll as the colloqualism goes.

See, I'm even showing off my command of English, as a ruse to spend less time thinking about what I should be doing. I find it highly ironic that I am underachieving so successfully in the writing of this topical Paper.

Shame, shame, shame on me. I should be an example to all of my students, instead of aping some of their rather suspect studying skills!

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