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Tuesday, 21 June 2005

Stop Messing About CW.

It was bound to happen sometime. I keep on messing about with my template, trying new things out. Today, I decided to add some more graphics and change the image used on my profile.

I found this nice little animation (which looks nothing like me) and linked to it. I subsequently re-saved the template and....uh oh....!

It appears that I'd wiped out all the additions I'd made to the template (e.g. the music player, links to blogs etc). This was problematic in that it's taken me about a month to work out how to add all those HTML codes. I'm not saying I'm particularly stupid, but HTML is pretty new to me.

I sat down this evening, fearing the worst and thinking about how I could re-configure the site....and I'm delighted to say that the codes all came back to me. In fact, I think that this site is clearer than the previous effort.

What do YOU think? (you probably think I should stop messing about and get a life, dont you?)


As always... Rachael said...

html insults my intelligence, so I'm glad you kicked its ass!

The Teacher said...