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Wednesday, 15 June 2005

Shavuot - The Festival Of Weaks

It all started off well enough. My parents and In-laws came over for the annual pre-shavuot meal. Dana made her incredible cold strawberry soup (with a topping of sour cream...yummy) followed by salmon en-croute. This special meal has happily become a family tradition and one that I always really look forward to, with great anticipation.

First day Shavuot we were invited out and it was great fun. We sat in the garden as watched the children playing. Yes, I was tired and went inside when my hayfever started playing up. I sat in the lounge and rather rudely dozed off. When I woke up, I hoped that no-one might have noticed, but they all knew. Fortunately, the host was also asleep in the garden!

So far so good. Tuesday morning, I woke up with terrible heartburn and the constant need to sleep. In fact, I spent most of the day sleeping. In 24 hours, I ate virtually nothing(which is most unlike me) and although we had guests coming over, I couldn't stop myself from dozing off.

I woke up, after the festival had gone out and forced myself to finish off my university work, with the intention of going in today, to submit my files. I woke up this morning feeling pretty groggy and fully aware that there was no way I was going to make it in. I spoke to my lecturer and he said he was OK about me bringing my files in on Friday, the actual final date of submission.

The bug hasn't only affected me. Both Tali and Shira are also down with it and as result have been unable to go with Dana, Hadassah, Michal and my in-laws to Chessington World of Adventures - which is a real shame because Tali was really looking forward to it.

So here I am, at home, nurofened and feeling slightly better, if still quite weak and headachey. The only good news though is that my voice has come back (I reckon that might have been a pre-cursor to my bug). It's also raining, so at least my hayfever isn't too bad.

I worked my backside off to get everything ready for taking in today. I guess its a question of "the best laid plans" not always working out. When I think how Shavuot could have been wonderful, it seems such a shame that my body picked these two days to play up.


The Y.M. said...

Some bug....!! how I managed to catch it, is a mistery..but I am today feeling the way you felt 2nd day Shavuot, could not keep my eyes open yerterday, slept through Neignbours, 1st time ever, and shivered until I went to bed at 9pm. today I am feeling washed out, we do not have Shira filling up the toilet with all the items she seems to find around, but I have spent most of the time in mine, ...At least it happened after Shavuot! The Y.M.

The Teacher said...

Wish you better!