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Wednesday, 22 June 2005

The Re-Engagement of Israel.

It's going to be a long, unpleasant summer in Israel and I certainly wouldn't want to be in Gaza right now.

I really do feel for the Jews living there. They are, without a doubt, the wronged party and it must be an absolute nightmare, thinking that in a few weeks, everything around you will be destroyed - your home, way of life and community.

Do I think the disengagement is wrong? No. I believe that Israel has no choice. Will the move help to foster peace? No. I don't trust the Palestinians further than I can throw them, but what else can we do? Do we let the Jews stay and continue to be butchered whilst an apathetic Israel (we're not even talking about the rest of the world either) looks on? Or do we move them, give the Palestinians Gaza and let them seethe in their own filth?

All of these are unanswerable questions because no-one really knows what will happen after Israel moves out. Rightists shriek that there will be a bloodbath while leftists holler that Abbas will sort things out. Personally, I don't think either will happen. The terrorists will still thrive and within six months (if not earlier), Israel will be back, sans Settlers.

It is a bleak situation whichever way you look at it. Saying that, I feel very strongly that this should be the last time that Jews are forced out of their homes. I fully back the rights of all the Jews living in Hebron and the rest of the Territories. But I don't think that Jews should ever have settled in Gaza. A cursory look at history shows us that it was always a hotspot (Samson and the Philistines anyone?) and definitely a no-go area for us.

However, we must be extremely sympathetic and understanding to our Jewish brethren living there right now. They must be going through Hell and none of us should ever face the kind of summer that is upon them. They are, after all, our flesh and blood and we are all they have.

Am Yisrael Chai.
The people of Israel live (but not in Gaza).


As always... Rachael said...

I wish i knew more about what you're discussing. I am current-events ignorant, and my history ain't much better. At one spirited time in my life, I wanted to attack the world, stage protests, call politicians, raise funds... then I lost the passion. And after reading your post, I sick with myself for having lost my passion, or even the diligence required to stay current. I can find Gaza on a map, but that's about it. Nothing ever changes, the good people on earth, whether religious or just plain honest good folks, continue to be screwed... it hurts to read the news, that's why I quit.

I gotta find my passion. I have to re-educate myself and find inspiration.

Say you want a revolution.. well, you know.. we all want to save the world.

The Teacher said...

you're best staying away from politics. I'm political and it hasn't done me any good!

As always... Rachael said...

Seriously, though, I want to know more... but I need the infromation in nugget-form... bite-sized pieces. I really dont weant to be a self-absorbed idiot... but I am at-risk for becoming just that. I am the one thing I can control. Jewish folks don't believe in hell do they? As a former catholic, I am haunted by the idea of hell. I go the bed every night questioning my words and my actions, I wake pu every morning wondering if I commmitted an unforgiveble sin in my sleep. And even thought I KNOW how illogical this is... I can't fucking shake it.

Dear Prudence... won't you come out to play?

Dear Prudence... meet a brand new day!

My dad wanted to name me prudence after that song. My mother wanted to name me trixie - she thought it was cute (she was 18!!) I'm not sure how I became a rachael - but thank goodness I did!

I'd like to learn more about your religion... mainly because mine was shoved dwon my throat in a no-questions-asked-fashion... which has led to me not believing in god much at all. I believe, but not really. The concept of faith is foreign to me. Despite the hail marys and relentless genuflects. If you talk with me, recommend a link, or a book, I would appreciate it.

I'm gonna host a Catcher discussion soon (I am qualified), my comments will probably plummet, but who gives a fuck? I have one thing I need to post about first... But then I will be in catcher mode - so re-read the book and join me, will you?

The Teacher said...

Rachel, have a look at:

It's a pretty good starting place. A good book read is "To Be A Jew" by Rabbi Donin

You can see details at:

Maybe your library can order in a copy for you

The Teacher said...

Rachael,I also will need to find some time to sit and read CITR and I'll still visit your site!