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Friday, 10 June 2005

The Special Friday Night

This is a momentous occasion in our family's history. Tonight, for the very first time, all six of us will be seated around the table.

Earlier this week, Shira decided that she's had enough of her high chair and wanted to sit at the table. After an exhaustive search of our attic, (and I emphasise the word "exhaustive". It's literally a jungle up there) I located the booster seat.

We've tried getting her to sit on it, but without much luck. I hope that this evening, once we are all sat down, Shira will see that she has no option but to sit on the empty seat. Alternatively, she'll try and sit on one of our laps. If however, we do get her sitting in the seat, it will be a historic event.

In the next blog, I hope to able to report a positive result...

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As always... Rachael said...

Shira will LOVE the booster (trying to send positive energy your way! Hope it all works out... I have two play-by-the-rules children... and one rogue froce of evil... so I know how it can go either way! I'm the same parent to all three... but I've starting to put a lot more stock in nature over nurture... at least in these early, stubborn years. Have fun at dinner!