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Monday, 20 June 2005

The Cheek Of It

We are currently in dispute with a garage (an authorized dealer who is very well known) regarding work carried out (or not, for that matter) on our previous car. The staff at the garage parked the vehicle in a supermarket car park, opposite the dealership and there it has been sitting/dumped for over a month.

A few days ago, we received a letter from the garage, informing us that we would be charged over £700 for "rental space" in the car park.

Something smelled fishy. How could they charge us for using a public car park?

I have been in touch with the supermarket and established that there is no such agreement in place. In other words, the dealership is trying to rip us off big time. I am now getting the car removed and sold off ASAP.

What is even more galling is the fact that they printed a clause on their invoice, stating that customers are charged "£20 a day for storage". I really feel like writing to Trading Standards to report the company, as I wonder how many poor people have been stung by this blatant lie.

This whole episode truly nauseates me and just helps to confirm in my mind that the lowest entities on this earth are either car salesmen or estate agents - and right now, the former is definitely leading the latter.


As always... Rachael said...

what a bunch of hustler's. That is ridiculous. So even though they pay no one to use that space, they think they can charge you $20 for the one-time inconvenience of having to drive your car across the street? That's nutty!

The Teacher said...

I wouldn't mind if it were nutty. I think it's just plain old dishonesty.