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Thursday, 2 June 2005

The Promise

I'm glad to report that this afternoon, I finally fulfilled a long standing promise I had made to Dana about two-and-a-half years ago.

Cette apr├Ęs-midi, we dined in Kaifeng - the swankiest, priciest and arguably finest Kosher restaurant in the country. The Chinese food really is out of this world, particularly when comparing much of the dross you get in other Kosher restaurants, and it is, I suppose the Jewish equivalent to Hakkasan(a very expensive and highly rated restaurant in London).

My wife's palate knows quality and she made me (or rather, pursuaded me to) promise her, back in the early years of this century, that once I landed a "proper" job, I would take her out to this very eaterie for a meal.

Being a man of my word, I was able to oblige shortly after one o'clock this afternoon. And it was worth the wait too. Shira joined us for good measure, even though she'd been on the "inside" when I had given my word. I won't bore you with the menu except to say one word about the delicacies we ate.....


The service was exemplary and it was an absolute pleasure to be waited on hand and foot.

When my first paycheck arrives, I will be able to pay the bill off (only kidding, it wasn't that expensive).

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