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Tuesday, 7 June 2005

Pssst Wanna Trade Me?

Thanks Kiki for alerting me to this...

I really don't know why or how or what, but according to this
site, you can buy virtual shares in The Teacher's Scribbles and as of May 21, this site is valued at B$2,849.35 which I assume must refer to Blogging Dollars. The outgoing link value is $B737.34 which I find a little disappointing. I thought this site would be worth more.

Some guy called Mike Keith has very kindly been trading my shares, so I am quite grateful to him (I think) and he had a 95.15& growth in May (sounds rather alarming to me - hope he's seen a doctor about that).

I really don't know what I'm talking about (as you've no doubt realised) but the fact that this site is worth nearly 3000 units in any currency, virtual or real does excite me somewhat (unless $1 = 1 million B$ which would mean that this site was involved in Italian style inflation, which is something that I want to have no part of).

p.s. I registered with the site to "claim" my blog. You will no doubt note an addition to the left hand column stating that this site is indeed being listed on the Blogshares sites.

If there are any hot brokers out there, here's a chance to get a piece of the action without losing your shirt (although I still don't quite see the point of the exercise).


Kiki said...

i still havent figured it out yet.....strange eh?

The Teacher said...

its simply a way of selling virtual shares in individual blogs and treating blogs like companies, where the value is affected by the amount of people visiting/linking to the site.

I think!