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Thursday, 9 June 2005

Guest Appearance

The other day when I was at University, I was showing this site to a fellow student. Our lecturer glanced over to see what I was up to (it was after the lesson had finished) and started looking rather quizzically at the entry entitled Yeehah!!!. I saw, what I perceived to be an expression of horror mixed with fascination on his face and didn't quite know what to make of it.

When I spoke to him later, it turned out that he'd not so much been horrified (by my description of finishing the work off - which was less than complimentary..and he was marking it!) as more wondering whether he too could use a blog to good effect. He liked the layout and complimented me on the site. I hadn't expected that reaction.

Yesterday, I went into Uni and had a discussion with him about the work I am currently finishing off for submission next Wednesday. Along with the rest of our folders, we need to submit a subject audit folder demonstrating how, over this year, we have developed our subject knowledge. Since I'm teaching ICT, this includes everything we have learned (and taught) to improve our knowledge of using IT. To this end, we need to undertake some tasks to give evidence of our knowledge. So far I have compiled a spreadsheet, put together a database and answered two 'A' level papers. To my surprise (and delight), he suggested that I use this site as evidence of my website designing knowledge!

I hadn't really thought about it but I've really developed some good HTML skills in the process of getting this site together. Not only have I worked out how to upload my songs and link them through FTP and insert a player, I've also added animation, pictures etc (I know that to many of you experts, this is old hat, but I'm pretty pleased with myself for learning this "new" language)

Last night, I prepared a Word document, showing screenshots of how I had put together yesterday's entry (on Anne Bancroft), fully annotated.

This is a very long way of telling you that, totally unexpectedly, this site is guest starring in one of my teaching folders and will therefore help in getting me my qualification. The Teacher's Scribbles are yielding wonderful results.

Go on, start your own blog, because you never know where it may lead you!!


As always... Rachael said...

What great news! I'm very new, and if you'd like to help me jazz up my blog, I would appreciate the help (people say they will help... but they don't mean it... damned fair-weather friends!)

Liek I said, I'm new... and my blog is all about free-therapy. I've seen my share of shrinks, and not one has helped me become as funny as Woody Allen (if you're gonna endure being smart and crazy, shouldn't you profit just a little?)

Butr free therapy... thats my purpose and I've received more ego=stroking, I understand you type comments than I ever received from qualified therapists. I mean, don't those doc just sit back, make you talk to yourself and figure out your own answers? (if you're lucky you might get a prescription... if you're unlucky, the prescription was for Paxil!)

Blog world has taught me that I am not a nut... just a little overly-analytical and introspective. Now that I have an audience and motivation to write every day, I feel balanced... and that's been a great side-effect.

Glad you're encouraging others to get their blog going. I'm glad blogging has given you an unexpected professional perk.

I am pretty sure it has saved my sanity!

Thanx for stopping by my site and offering kind words. I appreciate it!

Kiki said...

Thats great CW! See - there are always surprises waiting for you. Don't you kind of feel that the prof has now "legitimised" your blogging? and if it wasn't for me a leetle appreciation again, I like it......

Just said...

Hi CW,

Great news! Sometimes things like that turn your life into another and better direction.

Anyhow, your Blog is excellent both in style as well as content and a daily visit for me (helped by RSS, but still)

The Teacher said...

Rachael, Kiki and Just!

Thank you for your kind comments. One of the extra treats I've discovered in this new world of communications is the feeling of being part of such a caring community.

Rachael, of course I'll help you. Kiki, you're my inspiration and Just, my blog may be great in style but it certainly isn't as picturesque as your beautiful site.

I love being part of this new community. Long may it grow!