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Thursday, 23 June 2005

Back to Skool

I've been contacted by new manager-to-be, asking me to come in from next Monday. I was hoping to have a few days break, but I really shouldn't be complaining as I get six weeks off in about a month.

The weather is going through a rather glorious patch. Who wants to work in this heat? And why are schools NEVER air-conditioned. What kind of primitive country do I live in?


Just said...

Hi CW,

The weather is really super. But little Dave's elimentary schoolbuilding is a "oven" too, little protection against warming up in such conditions.

Good Luck and take care

BTW: the boy I gave extra lessons to this last schoolyear in English managed to score a 6.9 on his final exam and a 7 on his overall list - on a scale of 10. He came from a 4.7 overall result last schoolyear, thus making a jump of 2.3 points. His teacher was impressed! And we two are very happy ... .

The Teacher said...

Thanks Cuz.

Well done on your student. Isn't it a wonderful feeling when you feel you've made an impact? It's what teaching is all about - and you appreciate it all the more when you have to get through all the other "stuff" to see what the kids can do if they really apply themselves.

As always... Rachael said...

I should have been a teacher... I guess there is still time if I really want to make it happen.

The Teacher said...

Never too late. You certainly have the empathy for kids, which is half the job