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Sunday, 12 June 2005

This Week's Song: Shooby

I've always been quite a fan of 1950's music and decided to write my own doo-wop composition. The result was "Shooby", which I quite like. There's no deep meaning, just the usual chord structure one would expect in such a song.

My inspiration came straight out of the classic"Great Balls of Fire", as you will no doubt hear from the chorus (I wanted to throw in some good old piano bashing, for effect) along with a little pastiche, to remind you that I wasn't taking myself too seriously.

The lyrics are:

Doop Doop,
Shooby doobee doobee doop doop
Shooby doobee doobee doop doop

I love my baby,
So I think maybe,
I'll be so crazy

I'll take her shopping,
I'll take her bopping,
I'll take her rocking,
At the ball tonight.

And when I think of what I've got,
She thinks I must be grand!
And when she looks at what she's got
I think she'll underst-aaa-and!

Doop Doop...

She'll be my darling,
she is so charming,
she'll be my baby tonight.

And when she calls me,
My little baby,
Oh I think maybe it will be tonight!


I love my baby...

Once again, this is a home recording, so the quality is not exactly 100%, however I have remastered it somewhat and taken out the noise, so it is pretty clear.

I'd love to hear what you think about it.

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As always... Rachael said...

The words are great! Is a there way to hear the song?