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Thursday, 7 July 2005

Will the British Public Wake Up?

When I heard that buses and trains had been attacked, my immediate reaction was "terrorist attack = AL Queda." I got some strange looks around the staff room. I also think it was deliberately timed to coincide with the start of the G8 Summit to send a message to the leaders that Al Queda is more important than anything else going on in the world and to focus the world on "The Base".

I received an email from Tel Aviv to check if we're ok. Talk about situations changing around. Usually, the traffic goes the other way. The only thing I can say to the people around me is "welcome to MY world".

This is only the beginning. London has now become the latest terrorist target. Will the stupid, naive British public finally realise who the hell they are dealing with?

Yes folks, we had to go into Iraq and Afganistan and kill the terrorists. You cannot negotiate with these savages.

Yes folks, Israel has to finish off the Hamas and Islamic Jihad terrorist cells because this is the ONLY way to defeat them.

I cry for those who've died but pray that the stupid stupid liberal left finally get out of politics and let the British Government do something, ANYTHING for Chrissakes to finish off the bloodthirsty terrorists.

Pulling out of Iraq will not do it. We need to get in there and destroy every single cave until we get hold of Bin Laden and his Nazis and cut their f******g heads off.


As always... Rachael said...

Bush made the comment that he's not concerned with Bin Laden, and rarely thinks about him. I don't want to make a martyr out of him, since those freaks seem to dig that title.... but I want them gone, I want them gone right now.

What point are they trying to make? I don't think any amount of bombing is going convince people their way, is the right way. God, I'm just sick! Sending good vibes to you and yours... please be safe!

The Teacher said...