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Sunday, 17 July 2005


Shira will be two at the end of August (quite literally as her birthday's on the 31st).

At present, she has a very limited vocabulary, however the words she does know, she utters with such conviction that you really cling onto each syllable as though it were a precious gem.

A case in point was the conversation we had this morning.

Me: "Shira, I LOVE you" (with emphasis on the word love)

Shira: "Really?" (said with a great deal of conviction and followed by a cheeky smile) .

Think of the Barclaycard advert, with the final "Priceless" comment and that's how I would describe her reaction and reply.

It was truly priceless.

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athena said...

Last week I talked to my two-year old niece on the phone.

"Auntie LOVES you!", I cooed.

"That's GOOD!", she replied.