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Saturday, 23 July 2005

When and Why?

I have a really positive blog that I want to get out to you, but I have to post this one first - and I don't want to mix the two totally diverse emotions.

This post is about the inscrutable pain I feel in my heart when I think about the people who have been killed in bombings, particularly those who escaped other attacks, only to succumb to their inevitable fate.

In Israel, I read of numerous people who survived one bus bombing, only to be killed in another. How can one understand this? Why? Why did they die a month, two months, a year later in the same manner? What could they have done that granted them that extra time - only to be eventually killed? What could they have done?

Anat Rosenberg was an Israeli lady who left Israel four year ago because she was afraid of being killed in a bus bombing. She was one of the victims of the London bombs on 7/7
Why? What had this poor woman done to die in London, escaping numerous similar attacks in Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Haifa etc? What the hell had this poor 39 year old human being done to "merit" this? What the hell had she done?

English people are now leaving London by the droves. Many are literally leaving to escape the bombs? So why have some now been killed in a terrorist attack in Egypt? Why? Why have these wretched people been picked to be blown up in Egypt instead of in England?

I'm so emotional about this and my heart is crying so loud that I don't even know how to properly express my desperation. I'm a religious man and I have a really strong faith in G-d, but why is He doing this to us? Why is the world being taken over by murderers, so that wherever we go, we are targeted and blown to smithereens?

Where is the light that has been taken away and when will any of us see the sun again?

When when when and why why why?

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