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Monday, 4 July 2005

Crossing the Rubicon

At 6.33 p.m, this evening, I created a little bit of personal history. I purchased my first music download.

Yes, folks, I paid a whole 99 pence (just over a $) to have a copy of....

Can you guess? Which artist would be the first to get me to part with my money (forget the amount, it's the principal we're talking about here)?

Quiz over. I downloaded Paul McCartney (who else?) and U2's blistering live version of Sgt. Pepper that opened Live8, but two days ago. It was worth the gargantuan amount. Since then, I have burned it to CD, copied it onto my phone and generally wrung as much value as I could out of my investment.

Go on, say it. I know that I'm pathetic but yet, strangely proud to confess that my first ever paid-for download (yup, I'm labouring the point) consisted of a Beatles classic no less. I'm already saving up another amount to purchase the last bit, with the Beatles songs (Drive My Car, Hey Jude, Long and Winding Road) if Sir Bob decides to spoil us Beatles' fruitcakes. I mean fans.

I have crossed the latest frontier in technology. I am therefore deserving to now call myself a 2005 man.

I have finally arrived.


As always... Rachael said...

Way to eek maximum entertainment from your "investment." I have yet to pay for a DL... but I don't use the free sites either (cause I can't find any!)

I am really enjoying this book! I have a few more questions, some theological, some personal, but I'm going to wait to see if they're answered in future chapters, so as not to bother you every single day! I'm writing them down though, along with all the new words... I really wish the book had a glossary of Hebrew terms... but maybe it's better I do it this way, having to write them down will help cement them in my head.

The Teacher said...

Feel free to ask any questions...I don't promise thougg that I'll know what to answer!