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Tuesday, 12 July 2005

Toothless Tali

A major milestone in Talia's life took place last night - she lost her first tooth.

This is not bad going, considering that she's six years and nearly five months old. Rest assured, the tooth fairy was on hand to dish out the dough.

Mazel Tov Tali!


Kiki said...

mazel tov!! how much does the tooth fairy pay for teeth in your neck of the woods?

fsgsf said...

So is the tooth fairy as pretty as they say she is?

NJ from NJ

The Teacher said...


She pays £1.00 Is that excessive?


Welcome to the site!
The tooth fairy is prettier. But she only comes out at night, so you have to be quick to catch her.

Peace to you too my friend.

Kiki said...

one pound???Sheesh! she brings my boys one dollar (and that's canadian dollars....less than US) and if they have the tooth pulled by the dentist it doubles to 2 bucks.

she's a snob your tooth fairy!!

As always... Rachael said...

I four shiny quarters, I'm aftraid that paying any more than that would give my kids incentive to yank out all their teeth!

The Teacher said...


What can I say? Our tooth fairy knows quality teeth and is therefore prepared to pay the understandable premium.

Rachael, fortunately, my kids are that savvy (yet) although the older one has a head for business.