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Tuesday, 5 July 2005

The Sports Day That Wasn't

From the outset, I could have never guessed that the day would pan out the way it did.

I wanted to wear shorts and a T-Shirt. After all, it was the school sports day, why should I go in formal work-dress? Dana convinced me to change my mind and the only compromise was the wearing of trainers.

She was right, but for the wrong reasons. I found myself freezing my nuts off in the sports stadium, being made responsible for maintaining order at the the sandpit, the one that was to be used for the triple jump. I say freezing because the weather was atrocious. It started off sunny and quickly spiralled into a cold, grey morning, with a cool wind to boot. I spent two-and-a-half hours there watching kids "practice" their jumps. I can't even being to describe how thrilling the experience was.

I don't know who skipped school more, the teachers or students. Strangely enough, there were a phenomenal number of teachers who called in sick. They seemed fine yesterday....

Mid morning, we headed back to the track and were told to take the Year 7's and 8's into the adjacent field for football matches. So there I was, frozen to the core, standing in a field with tens of kids.

And then the heavens opened. So now, I was now cold and wet.
Bloody Fantastic.

The afternoon session was cancelled as we made our way back to school and shambles ensued. The final lesson didn't happen and the kids spent the remainder of the day in their form rooms.

The sports teacher proudly told me that we would be finishing off the "day" in September.
Oh joy, I can hardly wait.

Welcome to the wierd and wonderful world of teaching, CW.


As always... Rachael said...

love your new animation with the shrink and the chick on the couch. Everytime I blog - I'm that girl on the couch! Are your really in England? I don't recall you mentioning that - EVER.

Hope you're warm and dry now!

The Y.M. said...

Magnificent description of a pretty wet and miserable day.. I do commiserate! The Y.M.

The Teacher said...

Yup Rachael,

I am in London, England. I guess I should mention it every now and again. I just can't think of a worthwhile reason to do so. It's not the most interesting of places.

Glad you like the animation. I saw it and thought of the confessional/therapeutic nature of blogging. Let's face it, as we're posting, we're on a virtual couch.

Y.M. Thank you for your commiserations. I'm dry now.