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Friday, 15 July 2005

Hot, Sticky, Yeuch!

Yeah yeah, I know that I shouldn't complain...but I am.

I've spent most of the week avoiding teaching as I can't take being stuck in a sauna-like classroom with 30 or so other sticky bodies and over-heated computers. The school, like many others, doesn't have any sort of air-conditioning and the heat in the rooms I am (meant to be) in, is virtually unbearable.

So I've been slacking, I'm afraid. My tutor has noticed and gingerly asked me if I would be doing any teaching next week. Since I'm dead bored most of the time, I really don't have an excuse. All I can hope for, is that the weather gets a little cooler (not bloody likely in the middle of July), as least until next Friday.

After then, let it boil (well, maybe not exactly boil) because I will be immediately jumping into a cold shower!


As always... Rachael said...

Have the kids do a car-wash fund raiser... buy an air conditioner unit just for your class. Tell the school you'll pay the the extra electricity with bake sales and lemonade stands!

No one can work in that weather... and how can the kids focus on learning? They can't you can't... field trip time!

The Teacher said...

Your answer demonstrates why the USA is the capitalistic centre of the world. We're still living in the iron age here.