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Friday, 1 July 2005


A road sign leading to the Jewish Settlements in Gaza.

As I've written before, I truly believe that we have no choice but to quit Gaza. I don't however gain any pleasure whatsoever in seeing the unedifying spectacle of Israeli police (the majority of whom are Jewish) forcibly removing their brethren from the area, in all effect, making it Judenrein - Jew Free.

Please don't think that I am in any way whatsoever comparing the Israeli Police to the Nazis, who also were tasked to clean the area of Jews. My intentions could not be further from this vile idea and yes, the situation here is incomparable. I mention this because a number of right-wingers are jumping onto the so called bandwagon and coming up with some appalling comparisons to use against their fellow Jews - which are unforgivable.

I think that I understand the emotions involved (as much as someone who is not in the immediate area can comprehend) and feel deeply for the Settlers. However, I hope that they can ensure that this terrible process (i.e. the disengagement) is carried out in the most sensitive and efficient way as possible. The quicker it gets done and dusted with, the less the chance that the children involved will be branded with emotional scars that may never leave them.

I am not looking forward to the next month or so.

As an extremely proud member of a people who are supposed to be a "light to the Nations", I can't bear to think of the glee our enemies will gain from seeing us rip one another apart, before the world's media. We must all stand together, as proud Jews and bear the pain, shoulder to shoulder. The Settlers and Police are our brethren and we cannot afford to take sides.

Let's just hope that it is all over very quickly and that no-one gets hurt. Gaza is not worth any pain. After we leave, as far as I'm concerned, Gaza and its inhabitants can rot in their own own putridness.


As always... Rachael said...

no comment (due to my ignorance which we've discussed)... but... My book came today!

As always... Rachael said...

Me again... but hours later. I finished Chapter One today, and I have some questions. I looked in your profile for an email address, but there isn't one listed. I don't want to muddy up your blog... so what to do?

If you aren't opposed to me having your email address, you can email me through my profile. If you prefer your address remain private, can I have your permission to post my questions here? If you prefer me to shut up and figure it out myself, just say the word! I prefer option one and two, but since you never agreed to me a resource, I can accept option three.