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Wednesday, 13 July 2005

The Difference?

A few days ago, the British Police disclosed the identity of the first victim of last Thursday's terror attack. She was Mrs Susan Levy whose smiling picture could be seen throughout the media for the next few days.

Mrs Levy, as you will surmise from her surname was Jewish and a few "what ifs" have come to my mind.

What if Mrs Cohen had not been on that tragic underground train and instead (at the exactly the same time as the bomb exploded) found herself, like many other British Jews, checking in at the EL-AL desk in Heathrow, looking forward to boarding her flight to Israel for a two week holiday?

What if Mrs Cohen had arrived in Israel a few hours later (and it would have been much later, considering that Heathrow Airport was in turmoil immediately after the incidents) and made her way to one of the hotels in Netanya, so popularly frequented by the British crowds?

What if Mrs Cohen had decided to do a little shopping yesterday afternoon in the local mall....and ended up being one of the victims of the suicide attack that took place there?

What if?

How would the story be reported then? On which page would her smaller-sized picture be displayed? After all, the attack had happened there , not here and so it was a"different" situation?

Do you get my point?

The British police are virtually screaming out that last Thursday's attack was the first suicide bombing on British soil. Can someone please tell me the difference between both incidents because I sure as hell can't work it out?

People, these attacks, on two different continents were carried out by the same enemy. There is NO difference whatsoever in the outcome. You can give whatever reason you want for either attack but the end result is EXACTLY the same - innocent individuals like you or I are being murdered by savages who use religion as an excuse to slaughter.

The thing is - there is no excuse and ultimately, there is no difference whatsoever in either attack. Terrorism is terrorism, whether in London or Netanya and I wish the double standards so beloved by Politicians, the Media and your average citizen would be addressed.

Wake up everybody.

For everyone's sake, wake up.


As always... Rachael said...

I'm awake - so now what do I do? What can bo done to make a difference? I'm really asking, because I surely do not know.

The Teacher said...

The way to make a difference is to get people to be aware of what's really going on. Additionally, lobby politicians to raise awareness of bias and get them to speak out in support of Israel - giving some more voice to what's really going on