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Thursday, 14 July 2005

What An Honour!

I have just received an email from my university lecturer, telling me that I have scored a "1" (i.e. the highest mark) in my last assignment and that I have achieved an assignment average of 1.5 - he wrote that my result was "the highest in our class and I am almost certain, the highest across all subjects".

Wow! I've never been top of the class before, let alone (possibly) top of the year and I do feel extraordinarily honoured. As those of you who have followed my entries throughout the year will know, it has not been an easy period - but it's great to see that the efforts I made to get the work done, have brought on such rewarding results (quite literally!)

I can't quite believe it!!!


As always... Rachael said...

Well, if that ain't a pat on the back! Congrats to you! And you had your shit in on time...!

You're inspiring CW, don't think I ever told you that... but you are!

The Teacher said...

Why thank you Rachael.

May I also return the compliment to you. If anything is really inspiring, its the way you've managed to get where you are, and still retain your sanity.

Now, enough of this mutual admiration thing!!!

Kiki said...

CW - you act as if you are surprised!! You put so much effort into every word that you wrote, studied, read and absorbed by osmosis. You were truly the best back when was kids, and even more so now. proud of you, mate, but NOT surprised!

The Teacher said...


This is no act. I am surprised. Thank you though for your kind words.