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Monday, 14 August 2006

Yalla Ya Nasrallah!

If you have any doubt about the spirit and the determination of Israel
at this dangerous time for us, our soldiers, and our nation, watch this
video clip and be uplifted by this latest Israeli song that is top of the
hit parade.

"Yalla Ya Nasrallah,
We'll screw you, Inshallah,
And send you back to Allah,
With all the Hezb-Allah !!"

Apparently, according to the Powerline blog, periodically, as a form of psychological warfare, the Israelis have been hacking into Lebanese television and playing this video. It must drive the Hizbullah mad (he he he).

The subtitles don't do the Hebrew justice, although the chorus pretty much sums up the contempt we feel for this Nazi.

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