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Sunday, 13 August 2006


There is a concept in our religion of someone (either Jewish or not) who is a Tzaddik – a saintly man, and the obverse, a person who is Rashah – an evil man.

Unfortunately, there are far fewer tzaddikim (the plural of Tzaddik) than there are Resha’im.

I think of a recent (Gentile) Tzaddik and immediately Pope John XXIII comes to mind. I would also say that Tony Blair (at least in his dealings with the Jewish people), with his unwavering support for Israel has behaved in a saintly manner. He may not be a Tzaddik, but he’s certainly on the way to getting there.

Sadly, we also have more than our fair share of Resha’im at present.
The more obvious ones are the odious President of Iran and his sidekick, Nasrallah.

However in Britain, we seem to be afflicted with a few politicians who are without a doubt enemies of the Jewish people, although they will claim that it is Israel they have a problem with – not the Jews (an oxymoron if I ever heard one).

One notable Rashah is George Galloway, an utterly despicable individual whose deep-seated hatred of both the Jewish people and the State of Israel knows no bounds. His latest open support for the Hezbollah, a listed terrorist organisation is particularly shocking – and revealing at the same time.

Unfortunately, Resha’im, like wolves, hunt in packs and Galloway’s mate, Ken Livingstone, Mayor of London, is likewise predisposed to spewing out his particularly venomous dislike of the Jewish people. His comparison of a Jewish reporter to a concentration camp guard only served to convince us of his innate dislike of me and my people.

There are a few others, although these two are the more notorious examples.

Here’s a message to you guys:

G-d always, always, comes to the aid of our people. He might take his time, but eventually, all enemies of the Jews get their comeuppance (Arafat, anyone?). To the Jewish people, you two and your Arab buddies are Resha’im – evil people and you will get your just desserts.

I don’t have a problem with people who criticize Israel, in the same way as I understand those who have issues with any other country in the world. The difference is that Resha’im like Galloway and Livingstone don’t have the balls to admit to all of us that, instead of being anti-Zionists, they are just good ole Jew haters.

At least Mel Gibson had the decency to admit his prejudices.

So, why don’t you guys come clean?

If you do, you will gain more respect (strangely enough, the misnomer that Galloway has used to christen his bastard political party) if you admit that it’s the Jews you have a problem with, as opposed to just the State of Israel.

Then again, if you were half-way decent, you’d probably have realised that by now.

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Anonymous said...

totally agree with every word as usual my friend........everything that goes around...comes to mind.....there are few to good people in the world and as long as the "good ones" carry on "doing at least one mitzvah a day" to make the world a better place, then at least we are still to some extent, moving in the right direction...A xx