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Sunday, 6 August 2006

Reuters Gets Photoshopped?

There is strong evidence that a photographer at Reuters, Adnan Hajj has been doctoring photos to incriminate Israel even more in the bombing of Lebanon.

If true, this is a gross manipulation of the public’s perception of the war and Reuters has a duty to launch in immediate investigation. If not, it risks harming the reputation it so prides itself with.

Then again, the BBC will print the pictures whether or not they are authentic, as they lost any sense of “proportionality” (there’s a word you hear banded around a lot these days) years ago in reporting what is actually going on the war, as opposed to their institutionalised distortion of the truth.

Have a look for yourself here and please feel free to leave a comment voicing your own opinion of whether or not you think the photos are faked.


Anonymous said...

Hi Teacher,

Thanks again for the post. It highlights the role of what we thought was to be a Free Press. It also highlights Mr. Blair's recent speech. Now we know for sure: this is not a local war at all. As Blair says: this is not a traditional war and it is aimed against is all too.

The Motorcyclist

The Teacher said...

You've hit the nail on the head. This is not at all a local war but a struggle between the three major world religions. It is therefore of utmost importance that Israel wins and most importantly - is allowed (by the UN) to win.

A defeat by Hizbullah would send the message that Fundemantalist Islam has a chance of achieving it's aims throughout the world.

We have seen that what originates in the Middle East always spreads out to the rest of the world (suicide bombings in Israel in the '90s...9/11)

The war is being fought on the battlefields and more alarmingly in our living rooms, hence my goal to expose tactics used by the enemy to hoodwink the honourable citizens of the world - who believe everything they see on the news as being the gospel truth.