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Wednesday, 16 August 2006

Unfinished Business

There is definitely an air of unfinished business hanging around the hills and valleys of Lebanon. Like many others, I am disappointed that Israel chose to finish her campaign before achieving all the objectives she had set herself.

I don’t trust the UN to carry out its mandate, at least in the mid to long term time range and the refusal of Hezbollah to give up its weapons doesn’t exactly fill me with the greatest confidence that things are going to get better.

I appreciate the pressure that Israel was under to enter the cease-fire but really, what was the point, if this was only delaying the inevitable resumption of hostilities in the near future? No doubt, Hezbollah is currently feverishly stockpiling its weapons cache and I start wondering whether the lives of so many young men and civilians were tragically sacrificed for an operation that was halted before it had a chance to achieve any tangible results (e.g. the return of the soldiers or the significant reduction of a missile threat to Northern and central Israel).

I wouldn’t say that Israel has lost, but she certainly hasn’t achieved what she needed to do. There is definitely some unfinished business which will need to be dealt with very soon.

Finishing off Nasrallah would be a good start.

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