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Saturday, 26 August 2006

Fab Liverpool 2 - The Police Incident

In my last post, I didn't mention that although two of us came up to Liverpool, we in fact travelled with a third person...well sort of.

A little while ago, I downloaded a genuine John Cleese voice to give me directions when using the Tom Tom Sattelite Navigation system in my car. "John" proved to be invaluable throughout the holiday as he directed us all over the place.

On the first evening, fresh in from London, we felt hungry and decided to go out looking for somewhere to eat. I reckoned that where there was a tourist information bureau, there would be probably be some eateries. We were advised to go to Birkenhead and I dutifully followed the instructions.

We arrived at the deserted ferry terminal and realised that, although the Liverpool skyline was charming to look at, it didn't fulfil our gastronomic needs. A man who was there advised us to get to a "better part of Wirral" like Hoylake, where we would be sure to find some grub. I turned the car around and started to make my way back across the peninsula. No sooner had we left the car park than I saw a police car and let him pass infront of me.

I drove on a roads that strangely lacked markings and was soon flagged down by the very same police car who asked me why I had been "hugging the left kerb"! He worked out that we were indeed lost (John notwithstanding) and gave us directions to Hoylake. As he spoke, his fellow officer gave my car a good looking over.

So, two hours after I'd arrived, I was already being stopped by the police!

We made our way to Hoylake and after much tooing and froing, managed to get something to eat. I won't bore you with the details, but rest assured, it was Kosher.

The next day, we made our way back to the ferry terminal (which is decidedly safer during the day time) and waited for the boat to arrive.

It was a pretty quick ride and yes, we did hear the last bars of "Ferry Cross The Mersey" as we docked into Liverpool.

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