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Monday, 28 August 2006


This week, we are celebrating a slew of birthdays. My father’s was two days ago, Michal’s is today and Shira’s will be on Thursday.

I won’t reveal how old my dad is, but everyone who sees him comments as to how young he still looks. Thank G-d he’s in good health and long may this remain. I live for the moments when he sees his granddaughters and his face lights up. Happy birthday dad!

Michal is six today. She hasn’t had the easiest time, being the third of four girls, particularly when her older sisters cast such long shadows and set extremely high academic standards. However, in her own way, Michal is starting to come through and make a mark of her very own.

She is blessed with both looks and charm and has already demonstrated a keen eye for the clothes she chooses to wear. I know that this year will see her shine like never before and it’s not before time, because she deserves to have her moment in the spotlight.

We recently went bowling and Michal wiped the floor with the three of us (Dassi was on a day camp), finishing off one game with a score of 116. Not bad for a child, a week shy of her sixth birthday. She also pushed herself in her swimming and achieved her 5 metre badge. Could this be a clue as to where her talents really lie?

Happy birthday Michali.

Shira, wonderful/scary little monster that she is, hits the big number three on Thursday (THANK G-D) and starts big school next week She has managed the almost impossible and already proved herself to be more than a match for her older siblings. She has charm, intelligence and razor-sharp observational skills, no mean feat for a 36 month old kid.

Shira will stomp her way through the next twelve months. Hopefully, she won’t finish off the rest of the family in the process!

Happy birthday Shir-Shir….and mazel tov to all of you very special individuals.


Tense Teacher said...

How fun! Many happy returns to your family.

The Teacher said...


Bradbox said...

Happy Birthday to the girls. Yom Chaledet l'Shira v'Michal.