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Thursday, 10 August 2006


Surprise surprise.

British police have uncovered a plot to blow up at least ten aircraft in mid-air between the UK and US. Passengers have been barred from carrying hand luggage onto any flights and are reduced to putting their essentials into transparent plastic bags.

I’ll repeat that:

People are walking around airports carrying their essential belongings in transparent plastic bags.

Welcome to our world circa 2006.

No doubt, this is an Al Qaeda  influenced plot and of course, Israel will be held responsible for bringing about this situation. The mere fact that such an operation probably took months, if not years to put together, will be conveniently brushed aside and the “conflict in the Middle East” will be bandied around as a convenient reason for Islamic nutters to go around blowing people up.

When will people get it into their dense, impenetrable skulls that Al Qaeda, Hamas, Hezbollah and such like are one and the same?

When will it become apparent that the war Israel is currently fighting is the same one that every single country who cares a damn about freedom – should be signing up to?

People, how can I put this in a way that you will understand and be able to convince others of?


You may not think it, you may not even believe it, but whether or not you like it, it is an irrefutable fact.

Western Governments who are pandering to the Islamic cause are only helping to fuel the advances of the enemy. Instead of criticising Israel, they should be pumping every dollar they can afford, into the Israeli economy. They should be standing up, en masse in the UN and bolstering Israel’s position, instead of ridiculously accusing her of “disproportionate force”.

I could of course be wrong and misguided and the “situation in the Middle East” might not be given as a cause for the airline plot.

Then again, maybe we not at war and September 11th, Bali, London, Madrid et al were all just figments of our imagination.

Weren’t they?


Tense Teacher said...

Unfortunately, I think you are absolutely correct - As soon as the media settles down about the immediate inconvenience to travelers, they will start trying to guess WHY this is happening, and Isreal will likely be blamed.

I find myself hating to turn on the TV to listen to the media's B.S., but at the same time, I can't stop watching because I want to be informed.

Anonymous said...

you are a man of sense, understanding and reason and i love you for it. the world has gone totally mad and does not see the evil that is the enemy of us all.the fact that these 24 people were muslims living in the uk is so scary. we continue to pander to them, support them , build bigger mosques and places of worship and yet many preach hatred and lies and want to kill, yes KILL, the people whom they live amongst«««««how much longer can this charade go on? when will the world wake up to what is really happening and it is affecting us all?...........a xxx

The Teacher said...

Wise words as ever from two people whose eyes are open and refuse to be blinded by the misinformation fed to us incessantly by the media and cynical politicians.