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Sunday, 13 August 2006

A Huge Mistake Or Tactical Manoeuvring?

I’ve got to say that I think Israel is making a huge mistake by agreeing to this cease-fire. I do not want to see our boys in Lebanon, any more than their parents want them there – but I just feel instinctively that this agreement will only lead to more bloodshed.

I’m sure that the Hezbollah and Iranians are dancing in the street at the thought that, by agreeing to the ceasefire, Israel is, for all intents and purposes, admitting defeat. The kidnapped soldiers have not been returned, the missiles are still falling and Hezbollah remains intact, with its arsenal virtually untouched.

Finally, I don’t trust the UN at all…

….on the other hand, it might be a tactical ploy by Israel to see whether the Lebanese or Hizballah will change their minds about signing on.

Maybe a case of who will blink first?

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