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Tuesday, 17 May 2005

I Got It!

I'm delighted to report that at about 2 p.m. this afternoon, I passed my numeracy skill test. I kid you not, but I actually had tears in my eyes. If you sadistically feel the need to re-live my last attempt, please feel free to click on this! I guess Kiki was right when she said I'd get it next time.

In less than a week, I've managed to not only secure a job but also pass my final skills test. All I need to do is get some more successful observations under my belt, pass my other assignments, give a mini presentation to the other students in my group (and my mentor) and bob's your uncle - I'm set.

Nothing though will give me as much satisfaction as passing that damned test.

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls....I got it!


as said...

hey - i think you have a neat site and thought your music was pretty good - after the disclaimer, i was expecting much worse - good luck!

The Teacher said...

Hi aanchel,

Thanks for your comments. Glad you like the music too. I had a look at your site...pretty cool! Ain't blogging the best?!

Kiki said...

see, what did I tell you? am I psychic or what???

well done, my friend. you are kicking ass these days.

The Y.M. said...

Knew all along you would get it this time!! The stars are in your favour...aim for something else!!
The Y.M.