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Monday, 30 May 2005

Et Oui

I am still pinching myself at the very notion that for once - just once - the French have done something right. By rejecting a referendum to adopt the European Constitution, which would have spelled untold doom for anyone in this G-dforsaken continent, they have actually done us all a favour.

I'll come clean here in stating that I am an anabashed Eurosceptic. The sad thing is that I didn't use to be. I have, however seen no real merit in the concept of a United States of Europe. Saying that, I do know that people will argue that, having a united Europe will keep us all together and stop a war.

So let's think about that one then.

The presence of the EU really assisted in averting the atrocities that occured in Bosnia didn't it? The absence of so called borders in Europe have done everything to stop the free movement of terrorists from one country to another haven't they?

Need I go on?

Additionally, the EU has been unified in one thing - it's unending hostility towards Israel. As soon as it gets "nice" again, it launches a broadside in the UN or sides with the Palestinians (and I do know that many European countries came out against the Court's taking on the Barrier case, but that was more to do with a love of their precious Court). If we had to rely on Europe's help, the Jews would have been dumped into the Mediterranean decades ago and yes, I do want to mention the War.

Now, let's talk about the Euro and it's effect on me personally. I know that since I've started buying items on the internet from around the world (in Dollars), I have greatly benefitted from the strong Pound, in terms of getting excellent deals. How would the Euro help me?

I rest my point.

I'm not anti-Europe per se. I just don't see any benefit from it's existence. It just seems like a nice excuse to give some overstuffed, self-important beaurocrats an excuse for not doing a real job. I don't want some greasy Belgian in Brussels (oh that does sound good) to tell me how to rule my life, working hours directive or not.

Les félicitations au français. Ce matin vous avez mon respect.

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The Y.M. said...

France has my respect too. Bravo Claude, very well written, really to the points The Y.M.