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Friday, 6 May 2005

And the Successful Candidate is....

Well, it might be me and then again, it might not.

There were four of us there today including one guy who is already working at the school (so he probably got the job). We all gave lessons and had the same interview. The headmaster was due to inform us at the end of the day as to who got the post, but instead told the four of us, seated around the large table in his room that...

He was 80% certain about the successful candidate, but was still waiting on a least one reference from each and everyone of us. Upon leaving the school (and rather intelligently forgetting my coat, but let's not talk about that now), I contacted my uni and asked for my lovely lecturer to get the reference over ASAP.

So here I am on Friday afternoon and no wiser as to whether I got the job. Great isn't it?

Cliffhangers like this, I really do not need.

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