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Sunday, 8 May 2005

Compare and Contrast

Some of you might have noticed that I've said nary a word about the UK General Election. When you think back to the US Presidential Election last year, do you remember my entries? I talked so much about it that I even ended up irritating myself!

Yet, here we are in the UK and the General Election has passed me by.

Did I vote? Damn right I did because I intrisically believe in the importance of democracy and exercising your chance to vote. We are luckier than many others in far away (and not so distant) places, who don't have that opportunity to do something. The truth is that there was never any real chance that Blair would lose, so why carp on about an election that was so very boring?

I wish I could provide you with some deep-seated meaning for my lack of interest and belief that these blogs could do without some useless politicking. Unfortunately, sheer boredom and knowledge that the inevitable would happen (and it did) drew a blank in the blogesphere of my mind (the place where blogs are born, sometimes die but seldom get forgotten).

Surprise surprise.
Blair won.

Let's continue our lives as though an election never happened - and if it did, I don't quite remember when.

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