All that you have is your soul (Tracy Chapman).

Tuesday, 24 May 2005

All About My Sister Talia

Talia can jump, thump,
play, nay,
Sing, ding,
Be annoying and ignoring.

She can dress, be impressed,
She can press, sit, admit,
Cry, lie,
Can go like a nut.

She's brave,
As tough as a wave,
Strong, long,
Wet like a net.

But I don't care,
How she's born, I love her.

by Hadassah (aged seven and-a-half)


Kiki said...

aw isn't that sweet. looks like she's talented with words just like her daddy!

Kiki said...

oh and btw you have been tagged. check my site for details :)

The Y.M. said...

Dassi, We really enjoyed reading your poem....well done!!

It's sweet,it's neat
clever endeavour,
by our Dassi,to sister Tali.
write some more,for all four!
for your Mummy and your Daddy
Your Sabba and your Safta
and of course, Pepe and Meme!