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Thursday, 26 May 2005

The End Is Near.

I have now passed another milestone in my teacher training. This morning, I had the last of my twelve observations over the year and it went relatively well.

The Deputy Head sat at the back of the room and the students were so well behaved (we're talking about my year 10 class), that it literally freaked me out. I've never seen them so quiet! I got them onto the task and they worked really well. The D.H. and I had a chat and he gave me quite a positive feedback.

So there you go.

My university lecturer came in yesterday afternoon for an observation and also came out happy. Both observations, I'm delighted to report, have left my studying record virtually sparkling. In fact, my lecturer told me that I was a really strong student (don't get worried here, we're not talking physically - he's not the type) which only helped to send my already criminally overbursting ego and self-confidence to dangerous, stratospheric heights.

Today is my penultimate at the school. Although I finish official teaching tomorrow morning, I still have to come back for a week, at the end of June, to make up the days I missed last September over Rosh Hashanah etc.

I am in a reflective mood. This has been an extremely useful learning experience, despite the challenges inherent to my position as a student teacher. I'm not sorry to leave (except that I'll miss the teachers and even some kids) and it does feel like the right time to go back to being a student - albeit for just over two weeks.

Can you believe that I'm virtually at the end of my course? Where has all the time gone? I'm not through yet and there's still of lot studying to do, but for the very first time, I can see the finish line, which is getting closer each and every day. The end is definitely near and soon, I will be an NQT - Newly Qualified Teacher.

My, that does sound good.


Kiki said...

wow - it's almost over? it seems as if it were just yesterday that you were getting the papers ready for the application! I am so proud of you Claude. You stuck it out, and your amazing strengths shone through. What an example you are to your girls.

Kol HaKavod!

The Teacher said...

Thanks Kiki. It's people like you who spurred me on and gave me the encouragement and support to get through, even when it got a little tough.

It's lovely to be able to share the sense of achievement with you.

Kiki said...

I thank you for thanking me. Thank you.