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Wednesday, 20 April 2005

We Are 1 !!!

Folks, it's been three hundred and sixty five days since we started this wonderful adventure and I'm thrilled to report that we've made it!

It has not been an easy year, to say the least. I spent a great deal of time thinking about how we could celebrate this special first anniversary and ended up with one burning question - should I reprint the blog that I really felt represented the year?

In my opinion, one blog stood out from all the rest and ironically, it wasn't even written by me. My cousin's first-hand account of the Tsunami was so vivid, terrying and humbling, that no other posting could ever match it. However, I understandably decided not to reproduce the entry. I hope the mere mention of it will give it the respect it is due.

So, here we are, about to enter our second year and at a new address too! As you've seen, I'm having quite a bit of fun bringing these blogs to you (particularly now that I'm mastering how to add animation and sound - I did actually add a sound to this entry but it drove me mad, so I decided to spare you the ordeal) and I hope you get something out of the site too.

I would like to thank everyone who has supported me here throughout the last year. Thank you for visiting, leaving comments and giving me ideas to ponder. I don't apologise for the occasional controversy - it helped to add a little spice and I hope that we can all come back here on April 20th 2006 and enjoy our second anniversary.

I'd like to think that I've achieved quite a bit through this site to date. Most of all, I'm delighted to see that at least three people I know, who visit us here regularly, have taken the plunge and started their own fabulous offerings (please click on the links in the left hand column and see for yourself).

Bradders, Just and Lau - you've got some amazing sites to which I constantly refer for inspiration and ideas.

I'd also like to add a special thank you to Alvin too, originator of that very first photo (reproduced in my first blog on this site). Cheers Al!

Finally, I'd like to say a very special thank you to Hadassah (Kiki). She was the one who inspired me to start this crazy idea. H, you've given me a new voice. Thank you so very much.

If you're reading this today, have a drink on me. Happy birthday friends. It's time to board the rollercoaster and continue our experiences through life.

The blog is here to stay - long live the blog!!!


Kiki said...

Yom Huledet Sameach - very proud of you CW! I have certainly come to know you much better and always look forward to reading your blog. Though time and geography have separated our lives I feel so lucky to have reconected with you.

Chag Kasher VeSameach - LeShana Haba B'yerushalayim!

Larrythelamb said...

I agree CW, you really are one (by the way, what does Kiki mean when she says she "reconnected with you"......... have you come apart? Cant say ive noticed....

I too wish you and everyone walking on the planet "Chag Kasher VeSameach - LeShana Haba B'yerushalayim" (thank heavens for cut and paste)


Just said...

Hi CW,

It was a good year indeed. Congrats and please do continu!

I am enjoying it all!!

Howacc said...

I can't believe it's only been a year. Life has been more enjoyable because of it, and you, my friend.

Looking forward to the next years episodes - CW unleashed with school kids full time.

Aba (Dad) said...

Errr, I'm just catching up on reading your blog from the last couple of weeks -- so I'm sorry for the late comment.

The blog is still excellent - keep up the good work. Its even become a bit more positive since 'we all' sat you down and had a critique of the tone here.

The Teacher said...

thanks Dad. I'm glad to see that I'm servicing my readers' requirements!