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Saturday, 16 April 2005

An Unrepeatable Day (I hope)

I get to shul this morning, only to be told that one of the most popular members, a friendly, smiling fellow, whom everyone knew, had a heart attack last night and died at the criminally young age of 43.

This evening, I read on the internet that a Rabbi I've known most of my life, who married one of my favourite teachers, died yesterday whilst visiting Jerusalem. He was all of 55.

Dear G-d, no more days like this.



Kiki said...

CW - I am so sorry, what an awful loss for everyone involved. Of course my brain starts to go through everyone I know and wonders who these people are, so if you could email me their names I would appreciate it.

Hugs to you.


Laurence said...

Its ok Claude, he also took someone away after 10 days of retirement.

worked for 40 years as the kitman and general all rounder at Wingate FC and I went to his presentation last Tuesday night to see him awarded with a crystal glass "thank you" and a great cake, he sold his home in Finchley, lived in Clacton for 3 days, then him up there thought, "i`ll have a laugh here".

Meningitis from a nasal infection is one hell of a joke, ha bloody ha.

Clacton General overnight in a coma, gone sunday lunchtime.

VERY FUNNY I DONT THINK, aged 65 and 10 days.


The Teacher said...

Great week huh L? I think not.